The 34th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2015 Award Winners

Place & Category Name Team Time
Individual Winners      
1st Male - Overall Patrick Fernandez Team Coast Guard, US Coast Guard 15:05
1st Female - Overall Gina Slaby Navy's Global Force for Speed 17:12
1st Senator - Male Sen Tom Cotton Cotton 19:12
1st Senator - Female Sen Kelly Ayotte First in the Nation--Voting Not Running 25:46
1st Rep. - Male Rep Eric Swalwell Swalswell That Ends Well 19:57
(Mike Synar Award)      
1st Rep. - Female Rep Kyrsten Sinema Hot Mess 24:14
1st Agency Head - Male Norman Bay FERC (Federal Engery Regulatory Commission) 23:35
1st Agency Head - Female Penny Pritzker Pritzker's pacers (Dept of Commerce) 25:05
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male Joshua Dickson Pritzker's Pacers (Dept of Commerce) 18:59
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female Shannon Smith Cheetahs Win (State Department) 19:46
1st Fed.Judge - Male Judge Brett Kavanaugh D.C. Circuitry (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) 21:24
1st Fed Judge- Female Judge Nina Pillard Failure to Exhaust (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) 22:54
1st Print Journalist-Male Blake Sobczak Can't Carbon Capture Us (EnergyWire) 18:07
1st Print Journalist-Female Amanda Hicks First Edition (Washington Post) 19:05
1st Electronic Journ.-Male Kevin Leahy Chafed Nippers (NPR) 17:54
1st Electronic Journ-Female Tamara Keith The Mohn-ing Runners (NPR) 25:07

Winning Teams    
Overall Team Winner    
Senator Richard G. Lugar Award  Global Force for Speed US Navy
1st Senate Team Team Portman Senator Rob Portman
2nd Senate Team First in the Nation..Voting, Not Running Senator Kelly Ayotte
1st House Team Red, White & Blumenauer Rep Earl Blumenauer
2nd House Team Tilting at Windmills Rep Bill Huizenga
1st Executive Branch Team Global Force for Speed US Navy
2nd Executive Branch Team Team Coast Guard US Coast Guard
1st Print Media Team Chronic Condition Chronicle of Higher Education
2nd Print Media Team Bloomberg:Fueled by Kale, 12oz Sodas Bloomberg News
1st Electronic Media Team FBN: The Power to Perspire Fox Business News
2nd Electronic Media Team The Fast & the Curious NPR
1st Judicial Team D. C. Circuitry Judge Brett Kavanaugh (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit)
2nd Judicial Team Failure to Exhaust Judge Cornelia Pillard (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit)
Team Name Winners    
Best Named Team Flock of Geez Bill Horne, AARP Magazine
2nd Best Name email eracers Brett Davis, Department of State
3rd Best Name 50+  Shades of Grey Veronica Segovia, AARP Magazine
Worst Named Team    
(James B. Kenin Award-1st) Cartwright Before the Horse Representative Matt Cartwright
2nd Worst Name Bloomberg: Fueled by Kale, 12oz Sodas Mark Drajem, Bloomberg News
3rd Worst Name Can You Census Behind You? Doug Clift, Census Department