The 31st Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2012 Award Winners

Place & Category Name Team Time
Individual Winners
1st Male - Overall Brandon Cherry We FERC Hard for the Runnin' (Fed Energy Regulatory Comm) 14:48
1st Female - Overall Amanda Rice Navy's Global Force for Speed (US Navy) 16:40
1st Senator - Male Sen John Thune Mount Runmore 18:56
1st Senator - Female Sen Kelly Ayotte Live, Run or Die 24:52
1st Rep. - Male
(Mike Synar Award)
Rep Dan Lipinski LiSPRINTSki's 20:00
1st Rep. - Female Rep Jean Schmidt Fast As Schmidt 23:38
1st Agency Head - Male no entrants    
1st Agency Head - Female Deanna Okun Smoot Haulin' (International Trade Commission) 23:13
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male RADM Rick Breckenridge Navy's Global Force for Speed (US Navy) 19:17
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female Amanda Ravitz Front Runners (Security & Exchange Commission) 22:37
1st Fed.Judge - Male Judge Brett Kavanaugh D. C. Circuitry (US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit) 21:20
1st Fed Judge- Female Judge Juliet McKenna McKenna, Miliken & the Ms Demeanors (DC Superior Court) 27:17
1st Print Journalist-Male Blake Whitney Business in Front, Party in Back (Washington Business Journal) 16:10
1st Print Journalist-Female Meredith Bowen Cap Biz Flying Sharks (Washington Post) 19:22
1st Electronic Journ.-Male Jon Hamilton Thanks for the T-shirts Gary (NPR) 19:10
1st ElectronicJourn.-Female Pam Fessler Gariots of Fire (NPR) 29:42
AGE Groups
1st Capt. 60+ Male Jim Abrams Wired Up Ready to Go (AP) 22:55
2nd Capt 60+ Male Jeffrey Mervis Slower Than Light Journalinos (Science Magazine) 23:28
3rd Capt 60+ Male Peter Breslow Brougth to You by the Letters G-A-R-Y (NPR) 24:10
4th Capt 60 + Male Denny Gainer The Nation's (Fastest) Newspaper (USA Today) 24:50
1st Capt 70+ Male Judge John Ferren Let Just-Us Win (DC Court of Appeals) 29:21
2nd Capt 70+ Male Bill Plante Plante's Plodders (CBS News) 29:45
3rd Capt 70+ Male Sen Charles Grassley Grassley 4:15 33:10
4th Capt 70+ Male Sen Richard Lugar Team Lugar 48:25
1st Capt 60+ Female Rep Jean Schmidt Fast as Schmidt 23:38
2nd Capt 60 + Female Courtenay Mullen KipChicks (Kiplinger 28:11
3rd Capt 60 + Female Melinda Nahimas CQ RC NoMads 30:55
4th Capt 60 + Female Mary Hughes The Bloom & Doom Machine (Bloomberg BNA) 38:58
Winning Teams      
Overall Team Winner
(Richard G. Lugar Award)
Navy's Global Force for Speed (US Navy)    
1st Senate Team Mount Runmore (Sen Thune)    
2nd Senate Team Team Lugar (Sen Lugar)    
1st House Team Red, White & Blumenauer (Rep Blumenauer)    
2nd House Team Serrano Peppers (Rep Serrano)    
1st Executive Branch Team Navy's Global Force for Speed (US Navy)    
2nd Executive Branch Team We FERC Hard for the Runnin' (Fed Energy Regulatory Comm)
1st Print Media Team CQ RC News Travels Fast    
2nd Print Media Team Go <Run> Go (Bloomberg News)    
1st Electronic Media Team FBN: The Power to Perspire (Fox Business News)    
2nd Electronic Media Team Fair and New Balanced (Fox News Channel)    
1st Judicial Team DC Circuitry (US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit)    
2nd Judicial Team Superior Feets of Running (DC Superior Court    
Team Name Winners      
Best Named Team Let Just-Us Win (DC Court of Appeals)    
2nd Best Name K thru '12 (Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison)    
3rd Best Name Demojoggery (Census Department)    
Worst Named Team
(James B. Kenin Award - 1st)
Where's the Finish? I'm Having a Cornynary. (Senator John Cornyn)    
2nd Worst Name In Less Than 60 Minutes (CBS News)    
3rd Worst Name Can't Gerrymander Us Out of THIS Race (Rep. Chris Gibson)    
Best Spirit Team Lugar