The 30th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2010 Award Winners

Individual Winners
Place & Category Name Team Time
1st Male - Overall Cabell Rosanelli Army Strong I (US Army) 14:48
1st Female - Overall Becky Beachy Fun Bunch of Investigative Runners (FBI) 19:02
1st Senator - Male Senator John Thune Russell Runners 19:19
1st Senator - Female Senator Maria Cantwell Catch Me if You Can(twell) 25:44
1st Rep. - Male Representative Aaron Schock The Freshman Fifteen (Minutes) 19:34
(Mike Synar Award)      
1st Rep. - Female Representative Jean Schmidt Holy Schmidt 23:40
1st Agency Head - Male no finishers    
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male Frank Trinity United We Serve-2 (Corp for Nat'l & Community Service) 18:51
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female Deanna Okun Smoot Hawlin' (US International Trade Commission) 22:29
1st Fed.Judge - Male Judge Brett Kavanaugh D. C. Circuitry 21:00
1st Fed Judge - Female Judge Juliet McKenna Rocket Dockets 25:17
1st Print Journalist-Male Blake Whitney CQ-RC News Travels Fast  16:59
1st Print Journalist-Female Kelly Field H1 Chron1 (Chronicle for Higher Education) 19:09
1st Electronic Journ.-Male Jon Hamilton Morning Rundown (NPR) 20:48
1st ElectronicJourn.-Female Sandra Smith Fair & New Balanced (Fox News Channel) 22:11
1st Wheelchair Tammy Duckworth Department of Veteran's Affairs 16:02
Age Groups      
1st Capt. 60+ Male Jim Abrams Wired Up, Ready to Go (AP) 22:06
2nd Capt 60+ Male Colin Norman Rapidly Advancing Science (Science Magazine) 23:55
3rd Capt 60+ Male Craig Windham Athletic Supporters of Public Radio (NPR) 23:56
4th Capt 60 + Male Art Silverman Schweddy Balls (NPR) 24:24
1st Capt 70+ Male Judge John Ferren Rapid Appeals (DC Court of Appeals) 28:19
2nd Capt 70+ Male Sen Charles Grassley Grassley 5:15  30:48
3rd Capt 70+ Male Bill Plante Unexpected Acceleration (CBS News) 32:02
4th Capt 70+ Male Sen Richard Lugar 29 Years and Running 43:44
1st Capt 60+ Female Courtenay Mullen KipJoggers (Kiplingers) 28:21
2nd Capt 60 + Female Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Kay Through 12 41:02
3rd Capt 60 + Female Margaret Kennedy Victory on Asphalt (VOA) 44:55
Overall Team Winner Fun Bunch of Investigative Runners  FBI  
Winning Teams      
1st Senate Team Ensign's High Rollers Senator John Ensign  
2nd Senate Team Catch Me If You Can(twell) Senator Maria Cantwell  
1st House Team Little Punk Runners Representative Earl Blumenauer  
2nd House Team Serrano Peppers Representative Josť Serrano  
1st Executive Branch Team Fun Bunch of Investigative Runners FBI  
2nd Executive Branch Team Army Strong I US Army  
1st Print Media Team H1 Chron1 Chronicle of Higher Education  
2nd Print Media Team CQ-RC News Travels Fast Congressional Quarterly- Roll Call  
1st Electronic Media Team Fair and New Balanced Fox News Channel  
2nd Electronic Media Team First Fast Fox Fox News Channel  
1st Judicial Team D. C. Circuitry US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit  
2nd Judicial Team Rocket Dockets D.C. Superior Court  
Team Name Winners      
Best Named Team It's Only a Paper, Moon Washington Times  
2nd Best Name There's an AP for That AP Broadcast  
3rd Best Name Everyone Counts on Our Team US Census Bureau  
Worst Named Team      
(James B. Kenin Award-1st) Schweddy Balls NPR  
2nd Worst Name You're Our Only Hope Obi-John Cornobi Sen John Cornyn  
3rd Worst Name Jihad Janes Rep Jane Harman  
Best Spirit Washington Post Express