The 26th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2008 Winners

Individual Winners
Team Winners
Team Name Winners

27th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge - April 30, 2008
Place & Category   Name Team Time
1st Male - Overall   Brandon Cherry Federal Energy Running Commission (FERC) 15:42
1st Female - Overall   Laura Turner Dash Gordon 17:15
1st Senator - Male   Sen. John Ensign Team Ensign 19:34
1st Senator - Female   Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Starsky & Huchison 39:12
1st Rep. - Male   Rep. Bart Gordon Dash Gordon 18:40
(Mike Synar Award)        
1st Rep. - Female   Rep. Jean Schmidt Your Team Ain't Schmidt 22:50
1st Agency Head - Male   Daniel Pearson Non-Tariff Harriers (International Trade Commission) 20:28
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male   Jim Wilkinson Hamiltons (Treasury Department) 19:19
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female   Deanna Okun Trade Warriors (International Trade Commission) 23:15
1st Fed.Judge - Male   Judge Craig Iscoe Expedited Motions (D.C. Superior Court) 23:39
1st Fed.Judge - Female   Judge Juliet McKenna Rocket Dockets (D.C. Superior Court) 25:41
1st Print Journalist-Male   Jim Hage Post Haste (Washington Post) 16:40
1st Print Journalist-Female   Adrianne Kroepsch CQrew I (Congressional Quarterly) 18:13
1st Electronic Journ.-Male   David Kestenbaum Fearless Filers (NPR) 19:37
1st ElectronicJourn.-Female   Amy Held The Glass Enclosed Nerves of Steel (WTOP-Radio) 19:55
AGE GROUP (Captains or Captain Equivalents)
1st Capt. 60+ Male   Rep. Jim Marshall Last But Not Least 20:32
2nd Capt 60+ Male   Jim Abrams Rusty Wires (AP) 20:51
3rd Capt 60+ Male   Rep. Peter Welch VerMonsters 22:39
4th Capt 60 + Male   Colin Norman Rapidly Advancing Science (Science Magazine) 23:50
1st Capt 70+ Male   Sen Charles Grassley Grassley 5:29 29:29
2nd Capt 70+ Male   William Plante Veni, Vedi, Video (CBS News) 31:16
3rd Capt 70+ Male   Sen Richard Lugar 27 Years & Running 41:46
1st Capt 60+ Female Courtenay Mullen KipJoggers (Kiplingers) 28:02
2nd Capt 60 + Female   Rep Jane Harman Harmaniacs 29:47
3rd Capt 60 + Female   Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison Starsky & Hutchison 39:12
Overall Team Winner   Dash Gordon Representative Bart Gordon  
Category Team Captain
1st Senate Team   27 Years & Running Senator Richard Lugar   
2nd Senate Team   Team Ensign Senator John Ensign  
1st House Team   Dash Gordon Representative Bart Gordon   
2nd House Team   The LiSPRINTskis Representative Daniel Lipinski  
1st Executive Branch Team   Team Coast Guard U.S. Coast Guard  
2nd Executive Branch Team   Hamiltons Treasury Department  
1st Print Media Team   CQrew I Congressional Quarterly  
2nd Print Media Team   Performance Enhancing Slugs Chronicle of Higher Education  
1st Electronic Media Team   Fair and New Balanced Fox News Channel  
2nd Electronic Media Team   Fearless Filers NPR  
1st Judicial Team   Article III Milers U.S. Court of Appeals;Federal Circuit  
2nd Judicial Team   Rocket Dockets D.C. Superior Court  
Best Named Team   Rockettes NASA   
2nd Best Name   Wait, Wait Up For Me NPR  
3rd Best Name   Final Run In LaHood Representative Ray LaHood  
Worst Named Team        
(James B. Kenin Award-1st)   I-Rock, I-Ran State Department  
2nd Worst Name   Your Team Ain't Schmidt Representative Jean Schmidt  
3rd Worst Name (Tie)   USA Toadys USA Today  
    We're No Weanies, We're Corndogs Senator John Cornyn  
Best Spirit   Return of the Rogue Runners Representative Peter DeFazio