The 26th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2007 Winners

Individual Winners
Team Winners
Team Name Winners

26th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge - May 2, 2007
Category  Captain Team Time
1st Male - Overall  Michael Padilla Navy Blue & Gold 15:11
1st Female - Overall Laura Turner Dash Gordon 17:09
1st Senator - Male  Sen. John Thune Team Thune 19:10
1st Senator - Female  Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Kaytorade 36:14
1st Rep. - Male Rep. Bart Gordon Dash Gordon 18:24
(Mike Synar Award)       
1st Rep. - Female  Rep. Jean Schmidt Team Schmidt 22:41
1st Agency Head - Male  Daniel Pearson Non-Tariff Harriers (International Trade Commission) 20:28
1st Agency Head - Female No entrants    
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male Frank Trinity Vol-Run-Teers (Corp for Nat'l & Community Service) 17:40
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female RoseAnne Russo Fearless Brave Investigators (FBI) 23:13
1st Fed. Judge - Male Judge John Mott Rocket Dockets (D.C. Superior Court) 17:24
1st Fed. Judge - Female  Judge Vanessa Ruiz Swift Justice (D. C. Court of Appeals) 35:29
1st Print Journalist-Male  Sam Kean We Run on Natural Gas (Chronicle of Higher Education) 15:36
1st Print Journalist-Female  Kelly Field We Run on Natural Gas (Chronicle of Higher Education) 19:13
1st Electronic Journ.-Male David Kestenbaum Radio Waves (NPR) 20:30
1st ElectronicJourn.-Female  Caroline Shively Cable Runners (Fox News Channel) 25:20
AGE Group 
1st Capt. 60+ Male Judge Rufus King, III Rocket Dockets (D.C. Superior Court) 24:06
2nd Capt 60+ Male  Judge Stephen Swift Swifty Taxed (US Tax Court) 27:56
3rd Capt 60+ Male  Judge John Ferren Wiley's Coyotes (DC Court of Appeals) 28:13
4th Capt 60+ Male  Rep. Jose Serrano The Serrano Peppers 28:14
1st Capt 70+ Male  Judge Jay Plager Runnin' the Circuit (US Court of Appeals) 29:05
2nd Capt 70+ Male  Sen Charles Grassley Grassley 5:29 29:16
3rd Capt 70+ Male  Sen Richard Lugar Team Lugar 39:39
1st Capt 60+ Female  Rep Jane Harman No Carbon Footprint 29:07
2nd Capt 60+ Female Pamela Reeves Scripps & Bloods (Scripps-Howard) 31:52
3rd Capt 60+ Female Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison Kaytorade 36:14
4th Capt 60+ Female Margaret Kennedy Starting our Run for '08 (VOA) 44:06
Category Team Captain
Overall Team Winner  Dash Gordon Representative Bart Gordon
1st Senate Team  Team Lugar Senator Richard Lugar 
2nd Senate Team  Team Thune Senator John Thune
1st House Team  Dash Gordon Representative Bart Gordon
2nd House Team  The LiSPRINTskis Representative Daniel Lipinski
1st Executive Branch Team  U. S.Navy U. S. Navy
2nd Executive Branch Team  Kicking Ass-Phalt Department of Transportation
1st Print Media Team  We Run on Natural Gas Chronicle of Higher Education
2nd Print Media Team  We All Run for a Yellow Magazine National Geographic
1st Electronic Media Team  Radio Waves National Public Radio
2nd Electronic Media Team  First Responders Fox News Channel
1st Judicial Team  Rocket Dockets D. C. Superior Court
2nd Judicial Team  Swiftly Taxed U. S. Tax Court
Best Named Team  Weapons of Mass Reduction National Labor Relations Board
2nd Best Name  Loose Lips Can't Sink Scripps Scripps-Howard
3rd Best Name Akin' Knees Rep. Todd Akin
Worst Named Team (James B. Kenin Award-1st)  Chron-jaya Chronicle of Higher Education
2nd Worst Name  The LiSPRINTskis Rep. Dan Lipinski
3rd Worst Name Kaytorade Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison
Best Spirit Brew Dogs Rep. Peter DeFazio