The 24th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2005 Winners

Individual Winners
Team Winners

24th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge - May 11, 2005
Individual Winners
Category Captain Team Time
1st Male - Overall Jim Ansberry Team Ryun 15:18
1st Female - Overall Laura Turner House Clerk's Office 16:35
1st Senator - Male Senator John Ensign (R-NV) The Battle Born Runners 19:40
1st Senator - Female Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) The Kay Team 36:36
1st Rep. - Male
(Mike Synar Award)
Representative Bart Gordon (D-TN) Gordon's Mercenary Highlanders 18:17
1st Rep. - Female Representative Shelly Capito (R-WV) Capito & Her Cruisers 27:12
1st Agency Head - Male Harry Hoglander, Chairman; National Mediation Board Release is Just a Proffer Away 33:58
1st Agency Head - Female Carolyn Merritt, Chairman; Chemical Saftey & Hazard Investigations Board Re-Actives 53:12
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male Frank Trinity, Gen.Counsel: Corp Nat'l & Community Service Service With A Mile 16:30
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female Jennifer Hillman, Commissioner; US Internat'l Trade Comm. The Tarriffics 27:47
1st Fed. Judge - Male Judge James Baker, US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Robe Runners 16:12
1st Fed. Judge - Female Judge Natalia Combs-Greene, DC Superior Court Superior Court #4 28:25
1st Print Journalist-Male Jim Hage, Washington Post Post Office Rats 15:53
1st Print Journalist-Female Kelly Field, The Chronicle of Higher Education Agony of DeFeet 19:35
1st Electronic Journ.-Male Jon Hamilton, NPR Running Commentary 18:42
1st Electronic Journ.-Female Teri Schultz, Fox News Channel Don't Fox With Us 22:20
AGE Group 
1st Capt. 60+ Male Judge Rufus King, DC Superior Court Expediated Motions 25:36
2nd Capt 60+ Male Lawrence Margasak, AP Down to the Wire II 26:23
3rd Capt 60+ Male Judge Stephen Swift, US Tax Court Swiftly Taxed 27:31
1st Capt 70+ Male Senator Charles Grassley, (R-IA) Runners for Office 27:56
2nd Capt 70+ Male Judge Jay Plager, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Swift Justice 31:25
3rd Capt 70+ Male Harry Hoglander, Chairman; Nat'l Mediation Board Release is Just a Proffer Away 33:58
Category Team Name Team Captain
Overall Team Winner Team Navy US Navy  (RADM L. S. Libby) 
1st Senate Team Rhode Kill Senator Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) 
2nd Senate Team Team Lugar Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN)
1st House Team Team Ryun Representative Jim Ryun (R-KS)
2nd House Team Gordon's Mercenary Highlanders Representative Bart Gordon (D-TN)
1st Executive Branch Team U. S. Navy Team Navy, RADM L. S. Libby
2nd Executive Branch Team Marine Corps - Gold US Marine Corps, LtGen Robert Magnus
1st Print Media Team Agony of DeFeet (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Rich Monstersky
2nd Print Media Team Running for Covers (National Geographic) Tim Appenzeller
1st Electronic Media Team Don't Fox With Us (Fox News Channel) Teri Schultz
2nd Electronic Media Team Shin Splinterviews (NPR) Art Silverman
1st Judicial Team Rocket Dockets, (Superior Court of the District of Columbia) Judge John Mott
2nd Judicial Team Robe Runners (US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces) Judge James Baker 
Team Name Winners
Best Named Team Women of Mass Distraction (Scripps Howard News Service) Tara Copp, Capt.
2nd Best Name Rhode Kill Senator Lincoln Chafee (R/RI) 
3rd Best Name Running 'til it Hearst (Hearst Newspapers) Jennifer Dlouhy, Capt.
Worst Named Team (James B. Kenin Award-1st) Squids out of Water (Naval Medical Educ. & Training Command) ADM Nancy Lescavage (US Navy)
2nd Worst Name Hardball & Chain with Kathleen Matthews (WJLA-TV) Kathleen Matthews & Doug McKelway 
3rd Worst Name Team IRS-Pay Your Taxes Mark Everson, Commissioner 
Best Spirit Team IRS-Pay Your Taxes Mark Everson, Commissioner