The 21st Annual SGMA Capital Challenge

2002 Winners

Individual Winners
Team Winners


21st Annual SGMA Capital Challenge - May 1, 2002
Category - Individual Winners





1st Place

Richard Cochran U. S. Navy 14:46

1st Place (female)

Janel Kiley Running for Covers
(National Geographic)

1st Senator (male)

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) We’ve Got the 'Runs' 21:12

1st Senator (female)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) 5 Kay Runners 36:38

1st Representative

Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) Gordon’s Mercenary Highlanders 17:37
1st Agency Head  Mitchell Daniels Pace Setters (OMB) 20:53

1st Sub Cabinet (male)

Admiral Paul Ryan U. S. Navy 16:47

1st Sub Cabinet (female)

Lisa Oliphant HHS 25:54
1st Federal Judge  James Baker Robe Runners (US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces) 17:06
1st Federal Judge (female) Natalia Combs-Greene The Rocket Dockets (DC Superior Court) 25:23

1st Print Journalist (male)

Jim Hage Post Haste (Washington Post) 15:04

1st Print Journalist (female)

Barbara Noe Running for Covers (National Geographic) 19:48
1st Electronic Journalist (male) Sonny Young Hoarse Harriers (VOA) 20:15

 1st Electronic Journalist  (female)

Emily Harris Faces for Radio; Feet for the Road #1 (NPR) 22:11
1st 60+ Captain (male) Judge John Ferren All’s Ferren Law & Racing (DC Court of Appeals) 25:17
2nd 60+ Captain (male) Peter Hurtgen Maintaining Labor P(e)ace (National Labor Relations Board) 27:06
3rd 60+ Captain (male) Bill Plante Eye Read it in the News (CBS News) 27:24
1st 70+ Captain (male) Sen. Richard Lugar Runn-Lugar 28:25


Team Winners
Category Team Name (Captain/Sponsor)

1st Senate Team

Runn-Lugar (Senator Richard Lugar)

2nd Senate Team

The Strongest Linc (Senator Lincoln Chafee) 

1st House Team

Team Ryun (Rep Jim Ryun)

2nd House Team

Gordon’s Mercenary Highlanders (Rep Bart Gordon) 

1st Executive Branch Team

U. S. Navy

2nd Executive Branch

Team Coast Guard

1st Print Media Team

Running for Covers (National Geographic)

2nd Print Media Team

Health Beaters (F-D-C Reports)

1st Electronic Media Team

Fox All Stars (Fox News Channel)

2nd Electronic Media Team

Faces for Radio; Feet for the Road #1 (NPR)

1st Judicial Team

Robe Runners (US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces)

2nd Judicial Team

Gavel in the Gravel (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)

Overall Team Winner

US Navy

Best Named Team

Feet Based Initiative (Washington Times)

2nd Best Named Team

All’s Ferren Law & Racing (Judge John Ferren; DC Court of Appeals)

3rd Best Named Team

Mizzippy Runners (Sen Thad Cochran)

James B. Kenin-Worst Named Team

We’ve Got the ‘Runs’ (Sen John Ensign)

2nd Worst Named Team

Business Weak (Business Week)

3rd Worst Named Team

Guns ‘R Us (ATF)
Best Spirit  Faces for Radio; Feet for the Road # 1 & #2 (NPR)

Most Legible Entry

Heart Healthy Sprinters (HHS) May 1, 2002