The 20th Annual SGMA Capital Challenge

2000 Winners

Individual Winners
Team Winners


20th Annual SGMA Capital Challenge - September 13, 2000
Category - Individual Winners





1st Place

Michael Ryan U. S. Navy 14:57

1st Place (female)

Vicki Lang Gorberís Grunts 18:00

1st Senator (male)

Sen. Tim Hutchinson Hutchinsonís Hogs 22:36

1st Senator (female)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison OK Corral 33:04

1st Representative

Rep. Bart Gordon Gordonís Mercenary Highlanders 17:14
1st Agency Head (male) David Strauss Pension Protectors (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) 21:17

1st Agency Head (female)

Thomasina Rogers The Dukes of Occupational Hazards (Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission)  35:48

1st Sub Cabinet (male)

Paul Ryan U. S. Navy 16:43

1st Sub Cabinet (female)

Deborah Jospin Americorps 22:03

1st Print Journalist (male)

Jim Hage Citius, Altus, Sportius (The Washington Post - Sports) 15:05

1st Print Journalist (female)

Barbara Noe National Geographic 19:42
1st Electronic Journalist (male) David Shuster Fox News Channel 23:22

 1st Electronic Journalist  (female)

Elizabeth Hart Great 8
(News Channel 8)
1st Federal Judge (male) Judge Jose Lopez Tort Resort
(Superior Court of DC)
1st Federal Judge (female) Vanessa Ruiz Abuse of Discretion
(DC Court of Appeals)
1st 60+ Captain (male) Judge John Ferren Brief Runners
(DC Court of Appeals)
2nd 60+ Captain (male) Bill Plante Survivors
(CBS News)
3rd 60+ Captain (male) James Harmon Fast Cash (Export-Import Bank) 27:22


Team Winners
Category Team Name (Captain/Sponsor)

1st Senate Team

Reedís Rangers (Senate Jack Reed)

2nd Senate Team

Nickles Machine (Senator Don Nickles)

1st House Team

Flyiní Ryuns (Rep. Jim Ryun)

2nd House Team

Hill Jacks (Rep. Baron Hill)

1st Executive Branch Team

U. S. Navy (U.S. Navy)

2nd Executive Branch

Fedís Blazing in Stride (FBI)

1st Print Media Team

Pokamen & Woman (USA Today)

2nd Print Media Team

Pharma Beaters (FDC Reports)

1st Electronic Media Team

Fox News Channel

2nd Electronic Media Team

Fox News/State Department

1st Judicial Team

Whassup Your Honor? (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)

2nd Judicial Team

Tort Resort (DC Superior Court) 

Overall Team Winner

Navy (US Navy)

Best Named Team

Surginí Generals (Dept of Health & Human Services)

2nd Best Named Team

Pokemen & Woman (USA Today)

3rd Best Named Team

Oh Kay Corral (Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison)

James B. Kenin-Worst Named Team

Cheese + Beer = Speed (Rep. Tom Barret)

2nd Worst Named Team

Our Brass is Browner (EPA)

3rd Worst Named Team

Save the Wail'n (US Tax Court, Judge Laurence Whalen)
Best Spirit  Lame Ducks / Rat Pack (The White House)

Most Legible Entry

Hutchinsonís Hogs (Sen. Tim Hutchinson --AR)