The 19th Annual SGMA Capital Challenge

1997 SGMA Capital Challenge

Winning Individuals
1st Senator (Male) Don Nickles (R-OK) 22:14
1st Senator (Female) Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) 33:14
1st Representative (Male) Bart Gordon (D-TN) 17:09
1st Representative (Female) No Entrant
1st Independent Agency Head (Male) David Strauss (PBGC) 21:15
1st Independent Agency Head (Female) No Entrant
1st Sub-Cabinet (Male) Jim Scheibel (CNS) 18:44
1st Sub-Cabinet (Female) Olena Berg (Dept. of Labor) 26:37
1st Federal Judge (Male) Josť Lopez (DC Superior Court) 21:31
1st Federal Judge (Female) No Entrant
1st Print Journalist (Male) Jim Hage (BNA) 14:51
1st Print Journalist (Female) Joyce Adams (Washington Running Rpt.) 19:32
1st Electronic Journalist (Male) Sonny Young (VOA) 18:42
1st Electronic Journalist (Female) Jennifer Kerr (AP) 23:12
1st Place (Male) Mark Gilmore (U.S. Navy) 14:46
1st Place (Female) Barbara Kannewurf (U.S. Navy) 16:47
1st 60+ Captain John Ferren (U.S. Court of Appeals) 25:03
2nd 60+ Captain James Harmon (Export-Import Bank) 25:08
3rd 60+ Captain Slade Gorton (R-WA)


Senate - 1st Lugar (Richard Lugar; R-IN)
Senate - 2nd Slade Runner (Slade Gorton; R-WA)
House - 1st Gordonís Mercenany Highlanders (Bart Gordon; D-TN)
House - 2nd Flyun Ryuns (Jim Ryun; R-KS)
Executive - 1st Fast, Brazen and In-Stride (FBI)
Executive - 2nd U.S. Navy
Judicial - 1st Running Justice Fast As We Can (Court of Appeals For
For the Federal Circuit)
Judicial - 2nd Taxpayerís Bill of Rights...and Lefts (U.S. Tax Court)
Media (Print) - 1st Old Yeller (National Geographic)
Media (Print) - 2nd BNA Fleet Streeters
Media (Electronic) - 1st Next Yearís Defending Champs (Fox News Channel)
Media (Electronic) - 2nd Conus Convivial Convoy (Conus Communications)
Overall Team Winner Fast, Brazen and In-Stride (FBI)
Best Team Name Berg Men of Erlsatraz (Olena Berg, Asst. Secretary of Labor)
James B. Kenin Worst Team Name - Cochranís Kudzu Get You (Sen. Thad Cochran; R-MS)
Best Spirit Smooth Operators (Sen. Bill Frist; R-TN)

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