ACLI Capital Challenge Photo Archive


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Rep. John Kasich (now Governor)
and Senator Dick Lugar
NBC's Willard Scott, Senator
Max Baucus, Rep. Mike Synar,
Senator Slade Gorton, and
Senator Bob Kerry
Senator Thad Cochran Rep. Susan Molinari

David Waller (733), then a
Reagan White House lawyer,
and Secretary of Agriculture
John Block (720), followed
by Senator Max Baucus (40).
Waller is now Deputy
Director General of the IAEA.
Bill Bennett, former Secretary
of Education
Senator Lincoln Chaffee, now
 former Governor of Rhode Island
 Senator Dick Lugar

Representative Earl Blumenauer and
Vice President Al Gore
Alice Rivlin of the CBO and later OMB Senator Mark Hatfield

Pat Buchanan in center, Olympic Gold
medalist Joan Samuelson, and
on the "far right" then-White House
lawyers Hugh Hewitt (talk show host) and
now Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Then-Representative Bill Cohen Former Senate Majority Leader
Bill Frist
Senator Claiborne Pell Senator Al Gore and Rep.
Jim Cooper

Nightline Team with
Alberto Salazar
Former Representative, Governor
and Vice President Mike Pence

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