WANT TO DOWNLOAD A TEAM ENTRY FORM?  Fill in the form below, click Submit, and you will be taken to a downloadable Team Registration form (.pdf format*). Remember: Filling out the form below does NOT register your team; it only takes you to the Team Registration form!

Note: to download a .pdf, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you would like to download the latest version, click on the icon:

If you prefer, you may send an e-mail requesting that a Team Registration form be sent to you via regular mail, or call Race Director Jeff Darman at (610) 925-1976 and request one.

Registration Closes September 3!
(Early Registration Closes August 17)

TEAM REGISTRATION TIP: When you fill out the actual registration form, we advise that you use home addresses for team entrants rather than government addresses, especially for Senate and Congressional entrants. Don't worry, we can keep a secret!

Once you download the .pdf of the registration form, you can fill out the form in your browser, then print it out and mail it in with the entry fee as instructed. This is preferred to filling it out by hand, as there is less likelihood for errors based on poor handwriting. Filling out the form online works best in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome; users of Mozilla Firefox will be better off downloading the form and filling it out using Adobe Reader.

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Questions? Call 610.925.1976

Remember, you are not registering now; this process just allows you to download the team entry form, which must be mailed in with a check to register your team. The information in the above form is for our records, and if we don't receive your entry and check in the mail soon, we may call and bug you!

Note: the system may take a couple of minutes to process after you click Submit below. Thank you for your patience!